How to root one Click method

What is root?

You may have heard of the term “rooting your phone” and you may have seen that some apps on the Google Play Store require “root” access to work. But what is root? What is “rooting” your phone and why would you do it? Let’s find out!

The majority of operating systems including Windows, OS X and Linux have the concept of system privileges where processes, and therefore users, run at different privilege levels which determine what the process is allowed or prohibited from doing. On some OSes this scale of system privileges is fine grained with a range of privileges from the lowest to the highest. On Unix-like operating systems the difference between an unprivileged user and a privileged user is more black and white. A process or user is either unprivileged, or privileged, with no ambiguity in between. A privileged user on Linux is known as a superuser or root.

Root method

Here are the Universal android root method – Updated 8-9-2016

1. iRoot 3.1.4 android apk

Support almost All Android devices with Different Version

iRoot covers nearly all brands of Android devices with Android 2.3 to 5.0, including Samsung, Google, Sony, HTC, and others. You may also like iRoot Supported devices complete list


Download iRoot 3.1.4

Click on Get Root access button ( You must be connected to internet )

2. KingRoot 4.9.6 android apk

just download, then install it into your device. Run it, done! KingRoot will do every other thing for you. ( You must be connected to internet ). You may also like KingRoot Support device list


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3. KingoRoot android apk

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4. FramaRoot 1.9.3 android apk

Open Framaroot and select one of the following action: Install SuperSU, Unroot or Execute script (for advanced users)

Most of the low-range phones (i.e Micromax, Karbon, Intex, China Based) are easily rooted with this mehod.

If a popup saying “Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot”, in this case just uninstall app


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4. Check Root Status

Check Root details with Root ckecker android apk. Open app and grant root permision.

Root Checker

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Still not able to root your device!! Try Easy Universal root method for PC.

Now a days manufacturer like sony, htc, motorola are shipping phone with bootloader locked status.

This devices are not easily rootable. You have to first unlock bootloader than have to install custom recovery like cwm, twrp and than flash supersu zip in order to get root. This method are not easy and any mistake done in this method will lead your device into bricked position.

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